Date: 12-03-2016
Josephine aka Connie Carter - Cum on my face [HD 720p/1080p] (2016/

Josephine is horny and while her guy was taking a shower, she decided to help herself to some pleasure with her latest toy. What she really wants, however, is him being inside of her. Upon his return, he takes over the pleasure duties and she could not be happier about it. His tongue on her wet pussy is all she needs... but she knows she is about to get more... and so does he... as she changes position and puts his cock in her mouth so he can be nice and hard for her tight, wet pussy. This is what she wants... and more... and she gets it as she mounts him and rides him. Position after position, she gets what she wants... and o does he. Finally, what she wants is for him to explode all over her face...
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Date: 11-10-2015
Josephine aka Connie Carter - Hot TV Night [HD 1080p] (2015/

Den and Josephine decided to stay in and watch TV for the night. Turns out, Josephine has a better idea... and Den did not need much convincing. Josephine is sexy any time of day and Den knows it... especially when she is giving him some very special attention. And Josephine likes getting some attention of her own and Den is happy to give it to her. He loves licking her sweet, beautiful pussy - especially because he knows how good it makes her feel and how much she's going to enjoy riding him afterwards... and ride him she does. She loves being on top because she can decide how fast or slow she wants to go. But she also loves to be fucked... which happens soon after. Come on in and see for yourself how these two lovebirds spend their night together... it's much better than TV! Enjoy!
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Date: 28-04-2014
[] Connie Carter - Nurse Carter [HD 1080p] (April 27, 2014)

Nurse Connie Carter has a bit of a a weakness for badboys, but working as a day nurse in a sleepy little suburban borough, the last thing she ever expected to encounter was a hardened criminal. But as soon as she lays eyes on Denson she knows she has to have him. Making short work of his police escort, she takes the keys and frees Denson from the cuffs binding him to his hospital bed. Denson's first act as a free man is to take out Connie's big titties and then whip out his fat cock so that busty slut can give him the blowjob of a lifetime. Connie spreads her legs and takes his dick all the way to the hilt, her gorgeous big natural tits bouncing as she rides that criminal cock hard and deep. Stick around for the thrilling conclusion as Denson fires a huge load of spunk all over Connie's beautiful body, and just like Nurse Carter, you too will be coming soon!
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Date: 5-04-2014
[] Connie Carter - Alone And Horny (April 05, 2014) [HD 720p]

This Set is a Twistys Exclusive! shot by Fred
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