Date: 27-03-2016
Angela White - Angela White Gangbang! Double vaginal, anal! [HD 1080p] (2016/

It is a spectacular moment to be updating with its 100th scene. Thank you so much for accompanying me on this incredible sexual journey. I generally avoid using the ďfĒ word, but this is, by far, my favourite scene. And it might actually be the greatest thing Iíve ever done for myself. This gangbang is my own fantasy fulfilled, on my own terms. As the director and producer, I was in control of everything from the location, wardrobe and makeup to the cast, acts performed and their intensity. The experience went beyond my expectations to become one of the highlights of my life. To some that may sound like hyperbole, but I can honestly say that I have never felt more powerful or more confident than I did after my gangbang. Our society shies away from acknowledging the ways in which sexual experience can be a form of catharsis and validation, and my gangbang was a continuation of an artistic practice of self-discovery, self-creation and perpetual becoming. In terms of the acts performed, I never anticipated that I could do double vaginal, double anal or triple penetration. I truly didnít believe that we had achieved those things until I watched the footage for myself. But to reduce this update to the spectacle of those moments misses the beauty of this scene. Knowing that I had no reason to be scared, allowed me to embrace my fear. Knowing that I could stop the action at any moment, made me yearn for it to never end. Knowing that I had complete control enabled me to completely lose control. Now itís time for you to turn your phone on flight mode, lock the door and lose your mind with me
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Date: 8-08-2014
[Hard X] Gangbang Me (2014) [HD 1080p]

AVN award winning Best New Studio, Hard X is proud to present "Gangbang Me" starring AJ Applegate in her 1st Gangbang scene, featuring her 1st DV & DAP. She is joined by the depraved Adriana Chechik who performs the incredible feat of Triple Penetration and Triple Anal in her unforgettable gangbang. The movie is directed by the award winning Mason and is not to be missed.
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