Date: 17-06-2017
Khloe Kapri - Giving Him What He Needs (2017) HD 1080p

Khloe and her half sister have always been opposites. When she agrees that Khloe can move in with her and her boyfriend, she's pretty surprised. The thing is that there has been an instant attraction between Khloe and her sister's boyfriend and they have been flirting outrageously. After an argument, Jean confides in Khloe that he wanted to try something new with her sister and she freaked out. When he tells Khloe what he had in mind, she has no problem with him trying it out on her instead. Her sister's loss is definitely Khloe's gain.
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Date: 30-03-2017
Khloe Kapri - JMAC Takes on Khloe Kapri (2017) HD 720p

Cute blonde spinner Khloe Kapri has no fear, even when it comes to JMAC's massive cock. As the porn vet takes her through his wildest positions yet, she takes all eight inches deep into her tight pussy, then smiles for his cumshot finish!
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Date: 26-03-2017
Khloe Kapri - Neighbors Mail (2017) HD 720p

Having Khloe Kapri as a neighbor would be amazing. Having Khloe hand deliver your mail because the mail person delivered it to the wrong house and then fucks you would just be astonishing. Khloe brought over some mail and dropped it as she saw how ripped Jmac was. She couldn't believe it. She was a little embarrassed as they bent down to pick it up. As they were crouched down Jmac's massive cock fell out of his boxers. She looked up and couldn't miss it. She instantly was amazed. She went after his cock like it was the eighth wonder of the world. She crawled all the way to his living room after it, and she wasn't taking no for answer. She gobbled it down her throat once Jmac had no where else to back up. Jmac made sure Khloe felt like she got the cock of wonderment. Khloe looked amazing with her slender body and landing strip as she got a good fucking.
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Date: 21-03-2017
Alexis Fawx, Khloe Kapri - Afternoon Special (2017) HD 720p

Khloe came home early from school with her boyfriend and walked in on her stepmom, Alexis, half-naked ironing in the living room. It was obvious she was making a play for her boyfriend so Khloe rushed him into her room to keep him away from her. Khloe started sucking his dick in her room and Alexis eavesdropped. What she heard turned her on so much, she started rubbing herself while listening in. Alexis quietly opened the door and looked on while Khloe was getting nailed. Her boyfriend was so enthralled by seeing her stepmom watch them fuck that he became mesmerized and she caught wind of it. Needless to say she was pissed! She kicked him out of the room but Alexis just dragged him to the shower to fuck him out of spite and sheer horniness. Khloe interrupted them because she was fed up with her stepmom putting the moves on her boyfriends so she was ready to fight for what was rightfully hers. They both fucked him and tried to outdo each other until they finally even started pleasuring each other.
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Date: 2-03-2017
Khloe Kapri, Rosyln Belle - Hot Moves (2017) HD 720p

Khloe walked in on her roomie Jade dancing her cute, little tush off. She joined in on the festivities and they danced together. They were so into each other, they didn't even realize the song finished. They were completely seducing each other and had no idea. It was completely natural. One thing literally just led to another. They stripped off whatever was left of their skimpy underwear and pleasured each other.
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